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Supercharge Your Growth with App Reviews

Supercharge Your Growth with App Reviews

Supercharge Your Growth with App Reviews

Jun 28, 2024


In the digital age, in-app reviews are critical to an app's success.

According to PowerReviews, 9 out of 10 consumers consider reviews before making a purchase. Consumers are increasingly skeptical of brand marketing. In response, they have begun looking at reviews to determine a brand's trustworthiness.

In 2016, Fan and Fuel found that '92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase if there are no customer reviews'. Since then, reviews have only become more important.

Why Are App Reviews Important?

According to studies, 91% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Additionally, 68% of consumers are prepared to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service if they can count on having a better experience. So highlighting the quality of your products can dramatically impact your sales.

Build Trust & Boost Credibility

Modern consumers trust peer reviews, recommendations, and experiences significantly more than traditional advertising. Displaying customer reviews openly helps build trust and boost credibility.

Strengthen Your Content Library

Customer reviews not only build trust but also enrich your content library. Reviews provide authentic, user-generated content that can be leveraged in various marketing materials. From social media posts to email campaigns, reviews enhance brand perception and value.

Boosts Conversions

According to Upify, adding reviews to your store can increase conversion rates by a whopping 270%!

Since customers cannot see or feel products, reviews act as a substitute. They allow customers to understand the product's quality and experience using others' experiences.

The Different Types of E-commerce Reviews

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are crucial for local SEO and can significantly impact your app's visibility and credibility. They appear in search results, making them highly accessible to potential users.

Review Websites

Review websites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and others provide platforms for detailed customer feedback. These sites are trusted sources for consumers looking for in-depth reviews. By maintaining a positive presence on these platforms, brands can build a strong reputation and reach a wider audience.

Website and App Reviews

Reviews posted directly on your website or app store listing are essential for providing potential customers with immediate feedback. These reviews are often the first point of reference for new users, making them vital for initial impressions and trust-building.

The Importance of Having Reviews in Your Mobile App

In-app reviews are crucial for several reasons;

Immediate Social Proof

In a crowded e-commerce landscape, establishing credibility quickly is essential. Reviews provide immediate social proof to new users.

Increased User Engagement and Retention

Encouraging users to leave reviews can also drive engagement. Users who take the time to review your app are more likely to feel a sense of investment in it. This sense of ownership can translate into higher retention rates. Additionally, responding to reviews—both positive and negative—can foster a sense of community and show users that their feedback is valued.

Building Trust and Credibility

Trust is a cornerstone of any successful app. In-app reviews build trust and credibility by showcasing real user experiences. This trust is essential for converting hesitant users into loyal customers.

How to Get More Reviews on Your App

Want to get more reviews on your app? Here are Shopify’s 7 easy strategies:

The following strategies, taken from Shopify, can help you gather more reviews:

  1. Ask: Simply asking users to leave a review can be highly effective. A prompt after a positive interaction or milestone within the app can encourage users to share their feedback. In a survey, 77% of respondents said they would be willing to leave a review if asked.

  2. Send a Review Request Email: A follow-up email after a purchase or app download can remind users to leave a review.

  3. Make It Easy: Simplify the process of leaving a review to ensure users can do it quickly and without hassle.

  4. Incentivize Shoppers: Offer incentives, such as discounts or special offers, in exchange for leaving a review.

  5. Respond to Reviews: Engage with users by responding to their reviews, showing that you value their feedback.

  6. Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Reviews: Negative reviews can provide constructive feedback and show that your reviews are genuine.

  7. Always Be Honest About Reviews: Transparency and honesty in reviews build trust and credibility.

  8. List Your Store on Review Sites: Ensure your app is listed on popular review sites to reach a broader audience.


In conclusion, app reviews are an essential part of your app's growth strategy. They build trust, enhance credibility, provide valuable feedback, and significantly boost conversions. By understanding the importance of reviews and implementing strategies to garner more feedback, you can supercharge your app's growth and ensure its long-term success.

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