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Master M-Commerce before Black Friday: Skyrocket Sales with 1 Simple Change

Master M-Commerce before Black Friday: Skyrocket Sales with 1 Simple Change

Oct 26, 2023

The Mobile Commerce Challenge

According to Statista, in 2023, 60% of all global e-commerce sales are through mobile commerce.

Global Mobile E-Commerce

The way people interface with the internet is changing. Gen Z and Millenials are the majority mobile-first generations.

But most DTC brands are still focused on optimizing the Desktop-First experience. This misalignment leads to a compromised mobile user experience and significant opportunity costs.

This issue becomes particularly acute during high-traffic events like Black Friday.

The High Opportunity Costs of Ignoring Mobile

The standards for an "average" mobile shopping experience are extremely high.

According to Digital Cloud Ninja, the average bounce rate for pages loading within 2 seconds is 9%. As soon as the page load time surpasses 5 seconds, the bounce rate has increased to 38%.

Because of easy access to alternatives, the competition for customer attention has skyrocketed. This has resulted in a race for customer attention. And those who cannot compete in the race and left behind.

We're not just talking about a few lost sales; we're talking about a significant impact on your bottom line. A lackluster mobile experience is a fast track to falling behind your competitors.

Balancing Mobile and Desktop

The growth of mobile commerce has led to a delicate balancing game. Brands have begun to focus on optimizing both, their mobile and desktop experiences. But this balancing act often only results in limiting both channels.

In response, some brands devised an innovative strategy. They split Mobile and desktop into two separate channels!

Mobile was split into mobile web and mobile apps. Hence, brands could redirect mobile-first traffic to a channel designed specifically for mobile. This innovation led to incredible findings that converted mobile apps from a secondary channel to the new primary one.

Mobile apps have a 3X higher conversion rate than mobile web. They have higher retention rates and customer engagement rates. Apps also load faster, are more intuitive, and offer a smoother checkout process. Apps didn't just meet rising customer standards but exceeded them.

These benefits are especially important during high-demand periods like Black Friday.

Success Stories: Fablestreet

Let's talk about real impact. It's one thing to theorize about the benefits of an app; it's another to see it in action.

Take Fablestreet, for example. Fablestreet is a rapidly growing, innovative fashion brand. They were struggling with mobile conversions, especially during peak shopping seasons.

But, after building an app with Appbrew - their conversion rate 3X'd, Customer engagement 25X'd and Average Order Value (AOV) grew 1.2X!

Read how they achieved this and more in the FableStreet Case Study.

The Appbrew Advantage

Now, let's bring this home. You've seen the problem, the solution, and the transformation. But how do you make it happen? Enter Appbrew.

  • A no-code, fully customizable app builder.

  • Unlimited integrations to suit your brand's needs.

  • Brand-specific designs to align with your identity.

  • A user experience that's smooth and intuitive.

Your Next Move

This is your moment. The future of e-commerce is mobile, and Black Friday is just around the corner. You've seen the problem, you understand the solution, and you've witnessed the transformation. Now, it's your turn.

Ready to elevate your mobile app experience and seize Black Friday?

Don't let another year pass with potential sales slipping through your fingers. It's time to make a move.

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