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Discover How Knya achieved Jaw-Dropping 2X conversion with 45% more Signups on Their Mobile App

Discover How Knya achieved Jaw-Dropping 2X conversion with 45% more Signups on Their Mobile App

May 21, 2024


Elevating the Medical Apparel Shopping Experience with Appbrew's Shopify Mobile App Builder.

Knya is your go-to omnichannel brand for premium medical apparel! With an exquisite collection of scrubs, lab coat aprons, and accessories for both men and women, Knya guarantees quality products at unbeatable prices.

After seeing good growth on the DTC channel and to fuel the growth further, Knya joined hands with Appbrew, the leading Shopify mobile app builder, to turn their Shopify store into a cutting-edge mobile app. Take a peek at the Knya App here!

Results Achieved 

Knya Results


App delta on web

Session to purchase


User to sign up


Revenue per user


"Launching an app for Knya has been a great decision, and we have seen tremendous growth in retention and engagement. Together with the Appbrew team, we have executed custom features that were key to growth. Appbrew is the best shopify app builder we have come across."

- Vanshika Kaji

Vanshika Kaji

At Appbrew, we prioritize understanding and catering to the unique needs of every brand we work with. Besides incorporating must-have features like Social login, Reviews, and exclusive App-only coupons, etc, we've gone the extra mile by crafting custom features that enhance the shopping journey for Knya's valued customers.

And the results speak volumes! Within 8 months of the app launch, Knya witnessed an extraordinary surge in their DTC success, achieving 30% of their sales through the app, and 45% more users signing up on the app.

Appbrew’s approach to improving Knya’s Customer experience

Our dedicated team worked closely with Knya's marketing decision-makers to create an app that boosted their conversion, retention, and engagement metrics.

During the app onboarding process, we went the extra mile to get a deep understanding of Knya's brand identity and its customers' unique needs and preferences.  This approach allowed us to craft a custom solution that truly hit the mark for Kenya and its valued customer base.

Custom Feature

Recognizing the specific needs of Knya's core customer base, which consists of medical professionals seeking personalized lab coats and scrubs, we developed a tailored 'Add Custom Embroidery' feature. This enables buyers to easily select from a range of embroidery options, choose font styles, icons, colors, and even add their name and designation with a single button click. With this custom feature accounting for 30% of orders and an associated extra charge, Knya experienced a notable boost in their average order value.

Knya Custom Content

App-only Discounts

Knya Native Discounts

Through Appbrew, you can generate exclusive app-only discounts, which incentivize users to download the app, ultimately resulting in higher conversion and retention rates.

Social-Logins improving data leverage 

We implemented social sign-in, which has simplified the login process for users and resulted in faster and more convenient access to the app. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in new user signups - 45% more when compared to website signups. Additionally, social login data can be used to serve targeted ads to users.

Knya Social Login Video


At Appbrew, we have a hub of 100+ integrations to choose from. We have enabled the following integration to the app to elevate the customer experience of Knya.


By integrating Judge.me, we have enabled the collection of product reviews on Knya’s App. This feature not only enhances the conversion rate but also boosts organic traffic and buyer engagement by utilizing valuable user-generated content.

Knya Judge.Me Integration

Push Notification

By implementing Contlo CRM, we enable the creation of personalized customer journey flows. This allows for effective customer segmentation and targeted push, SMS, Web notifications at various stages of the user journey, a strategy that contributed significantly to Knya's improved sales and retention metrics while optimizing their remarketing budget. This seamless integration complements our commitment to enhancing user engagement and maximizing client success.

Customer Loyalty

We have integrated Nector with the Knya app to turn their one-time users into loyal customers by reward programs that create value for customers at every point in their shopping journey.

Brand Experience

To express the brand identity effectively, we have provided a diverse range of features while ensuring consistency with the brand elements such as icons, colors, and typography. Additionally, Appbrew offers a proprietary design system that has complete flexibility to utilize custom designs, allowing the app to seamlessly complement the website and maintain the brand's unique visual identity.

Knya App Opening

Together, these features not only transformed the app into a sales channel but also turned it into a seamless extension of Knya's brand identity.


Knya's mobile app success story exemplifies the power of a well-designed and strategically implemented native app for your Shopify store. By partnering with Appbrew, Knya wasn't just creating an app, they were crafting a seamless extension of their brand, tailored to the specific needs of their medical professional audience. If you are a DTC brand looking to achieve great results & turn your Shopify store to an app, get a demo

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