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Choosing the Best Shopify Subscription App: Stay vs. Recharge vs. Prive

Choosing the Best Shopify Subscription App: Stay vs. Recharge vs. Prive

Jun 26, 2024

Subscriptions have become the new default. Subscriptions are the new default from relaxing with Netflix to Working on a Windows computer. Every brand has begun to shift its business model. And for good reason too.

Subscription apps are pivotal for fostering growth & recurring revenue. For Shopify merchants, choosing the right subscription app can be the difference between 3x and 10x growth.

Today, we delve into three leading contenders in the Shopify app ecosystem: Stay, Recharge, and Prive.

Stay AI

Described by Gorgias as "Your subscription swiss army knife.", Stay AI is a comprehensive subscription app.

Stay AI is a versatile platform that offers a variety of services. From AI optimization to Full A/B Testing Suite to, to the ExperienceEngine & RetentionEngine. Stay AI allows you to optimize subscriber touchpoints and create unique subscription experiences.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Optimization: Stay AI claims that their AI-powered features beat human settings by 20-30%!

  • Full A/B Testing Suite: Test and refine subscription programs with a gamification and optimization based suite.

  • ExperienceEngine™ & RetentionEngine™: Stay AI also offers an integrated promotions builder & Cancel Flows.


Recharge is the industry leader Shopify subscription app.

ReCharge empowers Shopify merchants to create custom subscription plans. These custom plans can set different pricing tiers, billing frequencies, and product offerings. Furthermore, ReCharge supports a variety of alternate payment options. Including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Checkout: ReCharge is integrated into Shopify's checkout flow, simplifying the process.

  • Custom Product Bundles: Combine multiple products into one curated box or let customers personalize their own bundle.

  • Customer Portal: Empowers customers to control their own subscriptions. This reduces Merchant-side work & creates a more seamless user experience.


Prive offers a variety of customizable and advanced subscription management tools.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Subscription Models: Including curated subscriptions, digital products, and membership programs

  • Advanced Automation: Automate workflows such as free trials, product swaps, and loyalty rewards.

  • Analytics Suite: Track key metrics, optimize subscription offerings, and make data-driven decisions.

Native Subscriptions with Appbrew

Appbrew offers Native subscriptions with integrations for Stay AI, ReCharge, and Prive Subscriptions. Effortlessly offer an in-app native experience of both buying and managing subscriptions, boosting customer retention and recurring revenue.

Dermaclara's Subscription Case Study

The Dermaclara app uses Prive as its subscription provider and supports the following features:

  • Fetch Subscriptions: Allow customers to easily access and see their current subscriptions

  • Pause Subscription: Allow customers to temporarily halt their subscription, ensuring flexibility and preventing unwanted orders.

  • Resume Subscription: Give customers the option to reactivate a paused subscription, seamlessly resuming their scheduled orders.

  • Skip Next Order Subscription: Enable customers to skip their upcoming order, providing them with greater control over their subscription cycle.

  • Skip next order in subscription : Allow customers to revert their skip action, ensuring the next order is processed as planned.

Dermaclara is now able to increase their AOV through subscription, offering great retention of customers through this integration!

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