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Best Shopify Apps for Your Clothing Store in 2024

Best Shopify Apps for Your Clothing Store in 2024

Jun 16, 2024

The fashion industry is booming on Shopify, making it tough for clothing store owners. They need to stand out to grow. Also, it's quite difficult to keep up with the changing trends. The key is using top Shopify apps. These can make your online store better, boost sales, and improve customer interactions.

Our guide highlights the best Shopify apps you must have for your clothing store in 2024. We have tried to cover everything from letting customers pick sizes to managing returns in this guide. These apps are crucial for any clothing store looking to succeed on Shopify. They keep your store competitive in the fast-changing world of online shopping.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best Shopify apps to optimize your clothing store's operations, boost sales, and enhance the customer experience.

  • Explore apps that address critical aspects of running a successful clothing business, including size selection, product bundling, customer reviews, and returns management.

  • Leverage powerful Shopify apps to stay ahead of the competition and drive growth in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

  • Learn about the top-rated Shopify apps for clothing stores, with insights into their features and pricing.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the essential Shopify apps that can help fashion retailers succeed on the platform.

Introduction to Shopify Apps for Clothing Stores

The fashion industry is booming on the Shopify platform. Competition among clothing merchants is fierce. The U.S. fashion industry is valued at 1.7 trillion dollars, with prospects for more growth. This makes it crucial for clothing store owners to pick the right Shopify apps. These apps will help improve their online activities, increase sales, and offer a smooth shopping experience.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Apps

Shopify apps for clothing stores simplify operations with features like easy checkout and bundle creation. There are many apps to choose from depending on what you need. Common ones are inventory tools, Instagram shopping, and tools for engaging customers.

Staying Ahead in the Competitive Fashion Industry

To lead the fashion world, store owners need top Shopify apps. These apps will improve their online presence, raise sales, and enhance the shopping experience. Since 30% to 50% of online clothes get returned, and 93% of new shoppers look at reviews first, the right apps are key. They can help gain customer loyalty and growth.

App Name

Price Range

Key Features

FourSixety: UGC & Social proof

Starts from $90/month

Transforms Instagram and user-generated content into shoppable galleries for websites. 

Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Free to $49/month

Collects and displays customer reviews and photos

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Starts from $9.99/month

Integrates customer reviews and visuals on product pages

Firework: Virtual Store & Video commerce

Starts from $699/month

Bring interactive video experience for website & app.

Algolia: Search & Discovery

Offered for free & pay as you go

Uses AI to understand user intent and deliver accurate search results

Glood: Product recommendation

Starts from $19.99/month 

Provideo product recommendation, helps in upsell, cross sell to create dynamic customer experience.

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

Free to $12.49/month

Offers personalized size recommendations for customers

Gorgias: Help desk & live chat

Starts from $10/month 

Turn CS into profit centers: Faster replies, automation & central tickets = happier customers & more sales.

Flits: Customer account page

Begins at $4.99/month 

Enhance your Shopify store with next level loyalty & reward programs 

With powerful Shopify apps, clothing store owners can lead and grow. 63% of customers prefer sites with reviews. The right apps will help stores win customer trust, boost sales, and better the overall shopping experience.

Enhancing Size Selection with Smart Sizing Apps

Helping customers find the right size is key for clothes shops. The ESC Size Charts & Size Guide and Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender apps stand out. They use smart tech to give personalized size tips. This makes sure shoppers get clothes that fit well, which cuts down on returns.

ESC Size Charts & Size Guide App

The ESC Size Charts & Size Guide app has everything to make choosing sizes easier. It has many ready-to-use templates for different products. And you can make as many size charts as you need. This means shops can offer clear and reliable size details to their customers. Plus, the app automatically converts units and matches products, making shopping smooth.

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender App

The Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender goes even further by giving size advice that fits each customer. It uses special calculations to suggest sizes that match their body features and choices. This app has a free option and paid features to meet various store needs. By using Kiwi's advice, stores can cut down on return rates and make customers happier.

Boosting Sales with Product Recommendations

Enhancing the shopping experience and driving sales can be done through smart product personal recommendations. Standout apps on Shopify include Rebuy & Contlo.

Rebuy: Personalization Engine

Rebuy helps clothing shops provide personalized product recommendations. Unlock Ecommerce Growth with AI. Personalize experiences, automate retention, and drive sales with intelligent recommendations & exclusive Shopify Plus features.

Contlo : AI native marketing platform

Struggling to manage your ecommerce data and personalize the customer journey? Contlo is your all-in-one solution, built specifically for ecommerce and D2C brands. This AI engine optimizes everything from emails to content, while automating customer interactions across channels. Gain valuable insights and personalize every touchpoint to watch your sales take flight.

Adding these Shopify apps personalized tips changes the shopping experience. It makes it better, sells more, and keeps businesses in the lead. This is especially critical in the fast-changing clothing store upselling and cross-selling market.

Best shopify apps for clothing store

For clothing stores, building trust is key. Leading apps like Loox Product Reviews & Photos and Judge.me Product Reviews help a lot. They let retailers gather real customer reviews and share user content. This boosts brand trust and customer faith.

Collecting Authentic Customer Reviews

Loox Product Reviews & Photos makes it easy to get reviews from happy customers. It adds real stories and social proof. Using such apps can build trust, increase sales, and lower return rates. For online stores, these rates can be quite high, up to 30% to 50%.

Judge.me Product Reviews is also great, offering different plans for stores of all sizes. It has a free plan as well as features like email templates. This helps stores get reviews and improve their reputation with customers who care about fashion.

Loox Product Reviews & Photos App

The Loox app lets clothing stores display customer reviews and photos. This can build trust and boost sales. It's easy to use and can help lower return rates. It also connects people around your brand.

Judge.me Product Reviews App

Judge.me also fits different store needs, from free to premium plans. It's crucial because 93% of new customers read reviews before buying. Sites with reviews are also 63% more attractive to shoppers.

The Shopify product review apps are vital for clothing stores. They help collect reviews and build social proof. This leads to more sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Streamlining Returns and Exchanges

Efficient returns and exchanges are key for clothing stores. They keep customers happy and loyal. Click Post Returns Plus, Order Returns by Return Prime etc. makes this process much easier. It tackles the issue of high return rates common in online clothing sales, which can be as high as 30% to 50%.

Click Post Returns Plus Click Post Returns Plus is a top-notch solution. It's got a stellar rating of 5/5 on Shopify. This app lets customers start returns, exchanges on their own. That means less work for store owners and better service for customers.

Some of the app's standout features are:

  • Effortless Setup: Pre-integrated carriers mean you're ready to ship in minutes, no complex configurations needed.

  • Never Lose Track: Real-time tracking keeps you and your customers informed every step of the way.

  • Smart Shipping, Every Time: Data-driven selection ensures you choose the best carrier for each package, optimizing costs and speed.

  • Say Goodbye to Delays: ClickPost proactively identifies potential issues and helps you resolve them before they impact your customers.

  • Effortless Returns: Streamline your return process, reducing frustration and keeping customers happy.

  • Happy Customers, Happy Business: Integrated tracking cuts down on customer service calls by 70%, freeing you up to focus on what matters most - growing your business!

With this tool, stores can boost post-purchase experience and save money. They also get to keep shoppers coming back long-term. You can also check out other apps like Order Returns by Return Prime. Return Prime streamlines everything - returns, exchanges, and refunds. Their customizable portal and auto-labels make it easy, while in-store returns and diverse refund options keep customers happy. Build trust globally with a smooth return experience.

Optimizing the Shopper Experience

Clothing stores that want to reach international shoppers need to offer a smooth, local shopping experience. The Doubly Currency Converter app is great for this. It lets customers check prices in their own currency. This makes shopping worldwide much better for the many fashion sellers on Shopify. It helps people from different countries shop, finding and buying clothes easily.

The Doubly Currency Converter app is really popular on Shopify, getting 4.7 out of 5 stars. This shows it's excellent at making the shopping better for everyone worldwide. With this tool, clothing stores can pull in more customers from around the globe. This boost in sales makes the global shopping experience awesome for everybody involved.

Integrating Popular Third-Party Apps

Aside from the Shopify apps tailored for clothing stores, many third-party tools shine. These include apps for smooth shipping, powerful email marketing, smart data management, and handling subscriptions. By using these apps, fashion retailers can make their businesses more efficient and boost customer satisfaction.



Price Range


Show off inventory, create limited-time offers, and keep customers confident with this seamless Shopify integration.

Starts at $19/month


A powerful email marketing platform that enables clothing stores to create personalized campaigns, segment their audience, and drive revenue through targeted communications.

Free to $60+/month


Turn one-time buyers into loyal customer with personalized messages across every channel – all powered by our cloud-based retention platform.

Starts at $75/month


Shop now, pay later (or however you want)! Klarna offers flexible payment options, in-store and mobile payments, plus easy returns for a stress-free shopping experience.


Adding these third-party apps can upgrade Shopify stores. They help improve workflows and make customer shopping more personalized and efficient.

Top Shopify App Recommendations from Merchants

Clothing stores find many useful apps for their Shopify sites. These apps help with important tasks like shipping, email marketing, and data organizing. They make it easier to manage and grow a business online.

Klaviyo for Email Marketing

Klaviyo gets a lot of love from clothing merchants for its email marketing features. It lets you send out personalized emails, keep in touch with customers automatically, and use data to sell more. The app is a big win, giving traders $32 for every dollar they invest in email and SMS marketing.

Swatch King for Variant Options Ditch boring dropdowns and showcase your products in style with this Shopify app. Display beautiful color swatches, size charts, and even price variations. Group products for SEO and let customers browse collections with ease. Our app reimagines Shopify variants, turning product options into a visual feast that boosts sales and keeps customers engaged.

Using these recommended apps can make managing a Shopify store much simpler. They help improve how you sell, connect with customers, and grow over time.


This article covered the best Shopify apps for clothing stores in 2024. It looked at how they can improve sales and the shopping experience. These apps help stores deal with returns better and make choosing sizes easier. This way, fashion retailers can do well in the online marketplace.

By 2027, online fashion sales are expected to top $1.2 trillion. Shopify stores, as a group, make around $10 billion in sales every year. They sell more than 190 billion clothing items. So, it's vital for store owners to use the best Shopify apps. This helps them stand out and meet their customers' changing needs.

Clothing shops can benefit from smart sizing tools and more. These tools make running the shop easier and improve how customers shop. The Shopify apps in this guide perform well, getting ratings between 4.1/5 and 5/5. With this info, clothing store owners can excel in the online market.

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