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Recharge Subscriptions


Recharge Subscriptions

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Recharge: Manage subscriptions effortlessly, and customize checkouts. Automate billing, offer flexible pricing, utilize analytics, and empower upselling. Customer portal, migration support, and robust API enhance customer experience and business growth

What is Recharge?

Recharge’s industry-leading platform approaches LTV growth from all angles, allowing you to build seamless shopping journeys that maximize revenue and create lifelong customers.

Key Features and Services:
  • Customer Portal - Customize the interface of the store's customer portal

  • Flows - Personalize the customer journey

  • Robust and Flexible API - Fully customize your subscription experience

  • Bundles - Sell curated product bundles, or let shoppers customize their own

  • Unified Checkout - Single checkout process no matter the contents of the cart

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