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Klaviyo empowers ecommerce with targeted email campaigns, automation workflows, personalization, and detailed analytics. Enhance customer relationships, drive sales, and optimize email marketing effectiveness.


Klaviyo is the most popular email & SMS marketing platform for Shopify brands globally.

Klaviyo is a unified customer data platform (CDP). It acts as a central hub that collects customer data from various sources. This data can then be analyzed to develop stronger customer relationships & drive growth.

Klaviyo also provides powerful data analytics tools that convert customer behavior into customer insights. These insights are leveraged to craft targeted campaigns that resonate with specific audiences.

This is supported with a suite of tools such as marketing automation, campaigns, templates, web forms, and recently, Klaviyo AI.

Omnichannel Experience:

Appbrew’s Klaviyo integration empowers users to leverage & synergize multiple channels such as email, SMS, and push notifications.

This is possible since the integration directly syncs data with Klaviyo. This enables you to manage and optimize the customer journey from a centralized platform. This centralized data can be used to segment app users and create unique app-specific flows.

This user journey brings the opportunity to improve subscriber rates. For example, Appbrew offers Delivery update push notifications. This keeps users updated about the condition and updates to their product delivery. These delivery updates increase push notifications opt-in rates, which can then be used to promote product launches and discounts.

App-Specific Klaviyo Features

Appbrew’s integration syncs with your Klaviyo account. This empowers you to pass events and optimize the app customer journey from Klaviyo. See the events Appbrew supports at https://www.notion.so/app-brew/Klaviyo-Events-95fe12f72f8b4bb1a58906d9e7b3a04b?pvs=4

Push Notifications:

Mobile push notifications are a free, highly effective, direct communication channel. Push notifications have a 7x higher CTR than email! - https://www.vlinkinfo.com/blog/how-push-notifications-improve-engagement-and-revenue/

The integration enables unlimited personalized, targeted push notifications. Furthermore, it supports campaigns, templates, & automation. Push notifications can be used to deliver promotions, recover abandoned carts, & drive engagement.

On average, Appbrew brands that integrate Klaviyo see a 60-80% boost.

For example, Anatomie, a Luxury Travel clothing brand, uses Search Intent Push Notifications. That is, they can leverage data such as Search to push messages based on your search results.

And if this wasn’t enough, these features are supercharged with deep links.


Deep links send users directly to relevant app pages. They simplify & quicken the user journey.

Imagine being able to reach out to a user who abandoned their cart instantly. And then guide them straight back to your checkout page. Or launch a sale and transport users straight to a personalized sales landing page. Negating the need for long & confusing app navigation.

Use Cases:

Provide Delivery Updates

  • Leverage delivery tracking notifications to boost push notification opt-in rates.

  • Improve the customer experience with direct updates. 

Increase user interaction and app usage 

  • Send personalized recommendations and content based on user behavior. 

Reduce Cart Abandonment

  • Send reminders, & create urgency with limited-time discounts

  • Improve conversion rate and reduce CAC with automated nudges & app-specific discounts

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