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Findify by Maropost


Findify by Maropost


Findify: Ecommerce search and personalization solution. Advanced search, autocomplete, filtering. Personalization with recommendations, dynamic merchandising. Detailed analytics, improve search experience, drive sales.

What is Findify by Maropost?

Findify is the unified e-commerce discovery platform.

Findify products harness the power of machine learning and big data to deliver continuously improving Search & Recommendations based on what's most likely to convert to a sale in your store at any given time.

Key Features and Services:
  • Search anything (including content) utilizing NLP, personalization, and more.

  • Full product control with powerful merchandising rules & visual drag & drop.

  • Fully customizable front end. Leverage pre-built components or tailor everything

  • Filters, grid control, promo cards & reviews integrations to inspire shoppers.

  • Active sync ensures all product data (incl. metafields) update within seconds.

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